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Transfer of Students 

to the Computer Science Specialty 

For the students of related specialties, we provide the option of transferring to Computer Science specialty and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science at a prestigious European university.

If you: 

  • are pursuing allied higher education in another institution, but dream of continuing your studies at the European Humanities University with top IT experts, 
  • were unable to complete your education for any reason, but would like to return to university and become a graduate of EHU, 

    we invite you to join us!  

Please keep in mind that transfer applications are accepted and considered on a year-round basis, however, it is preferable to complete the enrollment by October 1st for the 1st semester and by March 1st for the 2nd semester, so that you can comfortably join the process and keep up with other students. 

We also offer full-time and distance learning opportunities. If you are in Lithuania and want to attend classes on campus, full-time study is the perfect choice, while the online format is more convenient for those who want to study from any place in the world. 


Transfer Process

To become a student of our specialty and receive top-notch, hands-on education from IT leading practitioners, you should:  

  • Contact us at and attach the document from your university indicating the completed courses, or clear images of your academic record book. 

  • Wait for the reply from the admission specialists and get a detailed consultation. We will inform you about transfer opportunities and the courses eligible for credit. 

For admission, electronic versions of the following documents are required: 

  • National passport. 

  • General secondary education certificate or specialized secondary education diploma.

  • A document proving English language proficiency, if applicable. If not, that's okay! Teaching is conducted in Russian with a smooth transition to English. 



To find more information about the admission policy, please click the button below.

Please note that the content is in Russian language.



If you have questions about the admission or transfer process,

please contact us by email or Telegram: