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How to apply for the Informatics program at EHU 

Admission Rules 

In 2024, entrance exams for the "Informatics" program will not be held. Students will be admitted based on the results of state exams (CT, NMT, EGE, Matura) and their high school grade point average (GPA). Citizens and residents of the Republic of Lithuania can compete for admission on the same terms as citizens of other countries and also submit documents through the LAMA BPO system. 

It couldn't be easier! Submitting an application is as simple as it gets!

  • No apostille required!
    For students from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia - no apostille is needed for diplomas, CT, NMT, or EGE certificates!

  • No fees for document review!
    We don't charge for processing your documents - you risk nothing!

  • Fixed tuition fees. You sign a contract for tuition with a fixed fee that doesn't change throughout the entire period of study.

  • No need to send hard copies of documents!
    All documents are reviewed digitally, and originals will need to be presented after enrollment during your first visit to the university.

To apply for the bachelor's program in Informatics in 2024, you need to:

Important dates 

Enrollment 2024


Online application submission period for applicants 

May 1 – August 5

Online interviews  

May 20– August 12

Admission decisions  

May 31 (preliminary admission)
June 27 

July 22

Sign tuition payment contract online 

June 5 (preliminary admission)
July 3 

July 24-25

Tuition payment for the Fall 2024/2025 semester 

Before the start of the 2024/2025 academic year                                                  

First day of classes 

October 1, 2024

List of required documents  

Digital copies of documents should be attached to the applicant's application. Originals or notarized copies of all documents must be provided upon the student's first visit to the university.  

  • National passport 

  • Secondary education diploma (GPA of at least 7.0) 

  • Document confirming successful passing of state examinations (except for applicants who finished high school in the Republic of Belarus)

  • If there is no evidence of passing state exams, the applicant must take an exam at the university to determine their readiness for higher education. Available exam dates and registration information can be found here (form in RUS). You can also learn more about the exam requirements by following this link (file in RUS). 

  • Motivation letter (more about the contents of the motivation letter (file in RUS))

  • Proof of English language proficiency. If the applicant did not study English in school and has no documented proof of their English level, they must take the Advanced English Language Test (AELT) at the university. Available dates and registration for the AELT can be found here (form in RUS). International certificates confirming proficiency in English can be included in the competitive score. 
  • Photograph for student ID and other documents  

Attention! The requirements for the list of submitted documents may differ based on the country. A list of countries and necessary documents is available here: Country-specific requirements (file in RUS). 

Follow the recommendations below when preparing your documents to make the process faster and easier 

  • Each document should be provided as a PDF file in full color. One documentone file. You must scan all sides and pages of each document. 

  • The name of the file should contain the applicant's last name and the type of document in Latin letters. 

  • The color photograph should be on a white background and be taken no more than three months before submission. Please submit one 4x6 cm photograph.

  • To create a PDF file, you can use a free program such as Microsoft Lens. 

Document submission Applicant's online application 

The electronic application is filled out online and should contain all the applicant's personal information and copies of all the necessary documents. 

  1. Before filling out the application, please familiarize yourself with the recommendations for filling out the EU applicant questionnaire (file in RUS) for prospective students.  

  2. All data in the application must be filled out exactly as indicated in your documents as this information will be used to draw up your tuition payment contract, issue state exam certificates, and enter you into the database of students in the Republic of Lithuania. 

  3. Remember that applications containing errors or that do not include the required documents will not be considered by the admissions committee. 

  4. If the applicant provides false information, they will be removed from the competition at any stage. 


How to have your diploma recognized by the EHU Center for Academic support 

Applicants who studied outside Lithuania must have their diplomas certified. Without such a certificate, they may not continue the application process. 

How to certify a diploma obtained outside Lithuania?

  • When filling out the electronic application, the applicant should agree to have their diploma certified by marking the corresponding field

  • Before completing the certification process, please regularly check your email. If any questions arise, a member of the EHU Center for Academic Support staff will contact you to request additional information or documentation

  • The results of this evaluation (i.e., your qualification) will be sent to the email address indicated on the electronic form. If your diploma is not able to be certified, information about the procedure for filing an appeal will also be provided

For documents issued by foreign institutions—except in the European Union, EEA countries, the USA, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine—legalization or apostille certification may be required. 

The full text of the Regulation on the procedure for academic recognition of qualifications obtained abroad at European Humanities University can be found by following the link (file in RUS). 

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Complete an online interview 

The interview is conducted online in Russian and lasts for 10–15 minutes. During the interview, you will be able to provide more information about your motivation for choosing EHU and the specialty indicated. You can also share your plans and discuss opportunities and career prospects for EHU graduates. 

The interview is conducted by a panel of three experts. The results are reported by email no later than three days after the interview. 

More information about the interview can be found by following the link (file in RUS). 

Sign the contract and pay your tuition  

You do not have to be present in Lithuania to sign the contract. An Educational Services Agreement will be sent to your email.

If a student is under 18 at the time of signing the contract, one of their parents or legal guardians must also sign it. 

The process for signing the contract is as follows:   

1) Print the document and read it carefully.  

2) Sign the contract, scan it, and send the signed scan to the same email address from which you received the letter. 

After EHU receives the signed contract, a Rector's Order for admission to the university will be issued. 

IMPORTANT! The contract will only come into effect after payment of the tuition fee. Please note that the deadline for tuition payments may change due to the situation in the region. 


You can get acquainted with all the rules

for admission to first-cycle (bachelor's)

programs at EHU by following the link (file in RUS). 

Admissions consultations for all inquiries

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