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About the Computer Science Specialty

The Informatics program is designed by practicing specialists and instructors from EPAM based on industry requirements, experience in developing digital platforms for products and complex solutions for large global companies, and the latest learning best practices.

Bachelor of Computer Science 

The program is accredited by the Lithuanian State Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) and fully complies with the official procedure. It is also standardized in ECTS credits based on the Bologna system and allows students to continue their studies in computer science master's programs at European and American universities. 


Why choose a major in computer science? 


  • Education in Russian language

    Teaching in Russian with a gradual transition to English. English-language learning materials are used in the program. 

  • Teaching staff

    Specialized disciplines are taught by leading experts with years of practical experience in their respective fields. 

  • European-style diploma

    Graduates receive a diploma from EHU with a degree of Bachelor of Computer Science. 

  • Trending technologies

    Along with the main subjects in the field, students will also study cloud, machine learning, cryptography, and blockchain technologies. 

  • Specializations

    From the first semester, students can choose one of three parallel specializations: Java EE, .Net, or JavaScript/TypeScript. 

  • Training platform

    Training takes place on platforms in a hybrid modeboth on campus and online. 

  • Soft-skills

    A focus on acquiring practical skills and developing soft skills through training and workshops.

  • Additional competencies

    During the program, students will also acquire knowledge in the fields of automated software testing and business analysis. 

Learning modes available: 

Full-time (on campus) 

Duration: 3.5 years 

View program curriculum 

A combination of online and offline classes held on campus in Vilnius. Students live and study in Vilnius from October 1 to July 15. 

Full-time (online)

Duration: 3.5 years 

View program curriculum 

Regular online classes during the day from Monday to Friday and two to three offline sessions throughout the academic year. Students can be in any country but must attend the offline classes held on campus during the special sessions. 

Part-time (sessional) 

Duration: 4.5 years 

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A less intensive learning mode with regular online classes during the week during non-working hours and mandatory offline sessions two to three times a year. Students can work or study simultaneously. 

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Program cosper semester

  • Full-time (on campus) – €1800
  • Full-time (online) – €1800
  • Part-time (sessional) – €1250

Fixed tuition fees. You sign a learning contract with a fixed cost that does not change for the entire period of study.


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Where does the training take place?

Instruction takes place at the campus, located in a modern office building in the heart of Vilnius. 

Address: Savanorių pr. 28, 03116 Vilnius


Admissions consultations for all inquiries

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