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Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

We have combined the academic knowledge necessary for a software engineer with modern technologies and tools for developing digital platforms and products. EPAM's experience and expertise in creating complex software solutions for global high-tech companies, understanding industry trends, and developing educational products form the basis of the bachelor's degree program. 

The program is accredited by the Lithuanian State Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) and fully complies with the official procedure. It is also standardized in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS): Graduates of the program can continue their studies in the field of computer science in master's programs at European and American universities. 

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About the Computer Science Specialty

The distinctive feature of our bachelor's degree programs is the preparation of specialists in accordance with the current requirements of international IT companies. The knowledge, skills, and experience gained during the program will help graduates successfully start a career in their chosen field immediately after graduation. 

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The program is based on the current needs of the IT industry and practical experience in creating complex software solutions

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Specialized discipline instructors are leading experts with many years of practical experience in these fields

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There are three tracks to choose from: Java EE, .Net, and JavaScript/TypeScript

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Classes are conducted in hybrid modeboth online and on campususing  specialized educational platforms

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Instruction is conducted in Russian, with a gradual transition to English during the senior year
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The program is oriented towards acquiring practical competencies and developing soft skills

Graduates receive a diploma from EHU with the degree of Bachelor of Computer Science. 

Duration of study: 

3.5 years—full-time (on campus) 

3.5 years—full-time (online) 

4.5 years—part-time (session-based)  

The national code of the educational program is 6121BX037

Admission Requirements 

No entrance exam is required. Admission takes place on a competitive basis, considering the results of national exams (CT, NMT, EGE, Matura), Secondary education diploma, and an online interview. 

Citizens of Lithuania can compete for admission on the same terms as citizens of other countries. 


Please prepare the following documents: 

Secondary education diploma  

Certificates from state exams and tests 

Copies of personal documents

Write a motivation letter 

Complete the application form by July 10, 2024attach all the required documents and the motivational letter (instructions for filling out the application form can be found via the link (file in RUS))

Complete an online interview

Sign a training agreement 

Career opportunities: 

  • Full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers (specializationsJava EE, .Net, JS & TypeScript);
  • Tester and quality assurance specialist;
  • Software designer, UX designer, mobile app developer;
  • IT project manager.

Cost per semester in 2024: 

Full-time (on campus) 


Full-time (online)


Part-time (session-based) 


Admissions consultations for all inquiries

Please contact us by email or Telegram: